Iain Dale has been having a pop at a clutch of Labour bloggers for not covering Gordon Brown’s Sunday round of interviews. In a typical hissyfit he decrees that none of the bloggers listed, which include the mighty collaborative efforts Harry’s Place and PIckled Politics, will be deemed worthy of a link from the Dale-ster.

Well this blog has never really been into tv reviews, particularly of programmes that I’ve never seen – Paul Burgin does that stuff much better. Some of us have stuff to do, kids to play with etc etc on a long weekend. I ended up turning on the box for the first time of the day late on Sunday night when I caught Headcases for the first time. As with earlier attempts 2-D Tv and Spitting Image, it inevitably felt too short. The Amy W(h)inehouse and Al-Fayed-baiting bits were mildly diverting. The portrayal of Boris Johnson as a St Bernard in a dog-basket was probably penned before Friday night’s result. Good to see some new satire on our screens. You can never have enoughin my book. Interesting to note also that ITV is replicating the i-player with this lil’ thing.

Now Iain, toys back in the pram pleasse.