Launched yesterday was Mark Perryman’s edited collection “Imagined Nation” out with erstwhile radical publishing house Lawrence and Wishart. It’s a thoroughly recomended thought provoking read with chapters by Billy Bragg, Paul Gilroy and my good self amongst others. The serious bit after the colon is “England After Britain”. It’s being discussed all over the left-side of the blogosphere including Mark’s piece at Comment is Free, the Compass site here and even this Respect blog. This shouldn’t put you off acquiring a worthy addition to any bookshelf.

It’s also been featured here in the Swindon advertiser. The local man called Andy they interview is not the XTC lead singer and possibly greatest living Englishman Andy Partidge who has had a longstanding love-hate relationship with the town, but a Socialistunity contributor with a chapter in the book – Andy Newman.

So go seek out his perfect St Georges… um season.. gift. Who says feting 23rd March as a permanent fixture on the calendar will never catch on?