As Gordon Brown flies back to blighty speculation continues about his recent less-than-satisfactory poll ratings and how to reverse this, this Indpendent column from Mathew Norman suggests that he “do a Sarkozy” and marry one-time Orange book prize judge Lilly Allen or even Konnie Huq as a way to restore his fortunes. Norman is apparently Press Association columnist of the year. The advice to ditch Sarah must be a joke although it comes about 20 days too late to be an April fools story. I can only conclude that it’s in keeping the with the desire of the Indy’s new editor to jazz the paper up a bit. Clearly this would be a daft move and out of character with the PM’s pronouncements against the cult of celebrity. A rethink on the abolition of the 10p tax band for the lowest paid in our society however might not be such a bad idea though.