According to my 1984 Smash Hits annual which I have recently re-discovered today is the day that

Billy Fury was born in 1941

Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) entered this world in 1955

– Eddie Cochran was killed in a car-crash in 1959

Smash Hits was a brilliant publication in the 80s with its razor sharp wit and incisive penetrating journalism. Writers included future Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant, features were on things like how many ‘O’Levels pop stars possessd (Howard Jones had the most) and the rock-against-Thatcher project Red Wedge.  

The mag has since been axed but it’s contribution to the character of the nation’s contemporary media can be seen here in the Independent which has a Smash Hits style Q and A with the ex-Islamist Ed Husain. These boys are doing well with their confessionals. Another has a yet another BBC show out next week. The Indy interview does not sadly have the standard Smash Hits Q+A question “Does Your Mother Play Golf?”

Many happy returns to Pete.