I remember wondering at the time of the Lib Dem leadership contest (i) how it was managing to be even duller than the Labour one even though there were twice as many competitors and (ii) whether Clegg had come from the SDP or Liberal wing of the party. Nobody seemed to know (or care much). The answer is not that he was too young to have been in either but that in 1986 he was a Conservative. If you don’t believe me it’s here in the Torygraph, substantiated by erstwhile Newsnight performer Guido Fawkes himself. Having CUCA on his CV would have helped secure Clegg’s past employment for Leon Brittan.

In the meantime here in the Indy it is alleged that Florida style shenangigans occured in the Lib Dem’s agonisingly prolonged contest last year. A pile of postal votes were only later unearthed. Their inclusion would have meant victory for ex-SDP and Labour party member Chris Huhne. Does this explain Clegg’s physical resemblance to Cameron and why he has not ruled out jumping into bed with the Tory toff if needed to? I know that the man has had a promiscuous past but this news is worse than those revelations. The tag “Calamity Clegg” seems to be not without foundation.