The in-house fave of the Tory party the Daily Telegraph is reporting that if an election were to be held today Margaret Thatcher at the height of her powers would romp home. There seems to be a fair bit of supposition there with “if” liberally sprinkled about but the story is based on YouGov poll findings.

The Torygraph is also offering freebie Thatch DVDs this week – pass the sick bucket. As someone who remembers Labour members spending 18 years trying to get her out of Downing Street (back-seat driving or otherwise) I personally found it questionable that Brown chose to pose with a shocking pink clad Lady T outside number 10 after his passage to power last year. It obviously had the Tories hopping mad though. Initially they condemned it as exploitation by the PM of someone who’s marbles aren’t all there anymore. Nonethless Cameron who has made his career on apeing Tony Blair later posed with the Iron Lady, not to be outdone by  Brown.

I always think it’s good to see what the enemy is thinking so would recommend the mini Thatcher site the paper has set up in homage to their most electorally successful twentieth century premier which includes cartoons and timeline. She’s not even dead yet so such treatment for a living being is high praise indeed even if it’s not exactly from objective quarters.  Go on I dare you, have a peruse, if only to remind yourself how fortunate we are to be rid of that lot.