According to the NME Roger Waters of 60s/70s prog rockers Pink Floyd reckons Hilary Clinton in the White House would lead to the invasion of Iran. He also declares“I would buy a whole page in The New York Times and fly Obama’s flag. But I would be terribly afraid they’d go, ‘this is that pinkoshitbag who’s attacking our President in a time of war’.” Fellow British aristoRock-racy mermber Elton John has meanwhile nailed his colours to the Hillary mast and slammed the yanks for misogyny.

I’ve also been impressed by Obama but is it Waters’ place to stick his beak in though? What next? Rick Wakeman banging the drum for third term for Berlusconi? As for Mr John, raking in a coupla mill for the Clinton campaign, is going even further in my estimation. He is also allegedly backing the supposedly LibDem PC Plod for Mayor. There’s no accounting for taste. The late great Syd Barrett would never have made any clumsy intervention like this.