I’m sure the world and his wife are blogging yesterday’s Newsnight mayoral debate today. Dunno what their squillions of non-London viewers made of it all but I suppose our great capital is significant enough to command all the attention. No real surprises content-wise. Under pressure from Paxman, Ken said that he’s rather Brian than Boris. PC Paddick ungenerously refused to return the compliment. Is this a return to the earlier Lib Dem policy of “equidistance” from the big two that was ditched by Paddy Ashdown when he said an anti-Tory coalition needed to eject Major from power? Certainly Corporal Clegg seems to be veering back in that direction

I found myself fairly underwhelmed by it all but I thought Ken’s opening gambit was best of the bunch and he handled the questions most convincingly. Having seen him speak in the flesh at the recent Unite Against Fascism conference and hold the audience in rapt attention I have to say he really he is the man. This vote Ken4London broadcast not yet aired on tv follows the trend begun with the Hugh Hudson directed chariots of Kinnock PPB which was groundbreaking for just presenting a politician in a likeable way; no bashing you on across the head diagramatic stats, no quasi-scientific Open University style patronising bits.

And if you really are stuck this useful tool from Unlock Democracy has statements that you click on then it collates the responses and spews out who best represents your views. It’s changed a little since I had a go yesterday and came out with a dream (?) ticket combination of Ken/Green/Paddick but you can still give it a spin by clicking here then on “start vote match”.