Have been a bit tardy in posting of late and it’s probably a bit “after the horse has bolted” to do Torchgate but it does seem my period of inactivity has been mirrored by record hits so…

On Sunday I was hosting a party to felicitate my little lad turning from a three year old to a four year old so while the eyes of the world were on the torch relay I was faciliating pass the parcel. I sensed something was up when I kept getting “Is Konnie ok?” type texts from various quarters. After the kiddies had gone I turned on the box to find wall to wall scuffles on all the news channels. What can we conclude from all this? Well the plight of the Tibetans and the appaling record of China on human rights is now a major talking point in this country which it wasn’t before. Although Konnie didn’t do it in a “Free Tibet” t-shirt I must point out, it was snowing that day in London. It was a torch of the Olympic games not the Chinese regime. Let’s not confuse the two.

Socks-gate, Ken-gate, the phone-in fiasco, when Konnie met Tony and now this. The modern lot of the Blue Peter presenter has moved on from when making space-ships outta double sided sticky taped loo-rolls represented complexity. On the recent Foreign Office delegation to Bangladesh, only two of the six who went from the UK had undergone the rigorous “hostile environment training” that the FCO requires for dangerous missions: the manadrin who accompanied us and Konnie Huq who’d gotten it via Blue Peter. Presenters these days have to be toughies and deal with situations never anticipated when the elephant pooed on the studio floor, like potential plane hijacking, kidnapping and military coups.

As Chris Paul describes over at his he and I not only met up with her but cadged a lift off Huq junior yesterday. She is en plein forme as the French would say. Long live the ideals of Olympic harmony, tolerance and peace. As for the autocratic Chinese government they need to start applying the same values to their own citizens; that includes oppressed minorities in Tibet, the Falun Gong, the Uyghur and doubtless countless others.