Just re-adjusting to the climate and time zone of blighty after last week’s Bangladesh adventure as part of the Foreign Office delegation I served on. Lots of stuff happened in the space of 4 days. I distributed a couple of box-fulls of Kingston University biros to students in schools and universities we went to, so if there is a sudden surge of overseas applicants from Bangladesh it may be not unconnected.

The last day saw us observe an army-run voter registration centre on the outskirts of Dhaka. Interesting to see hordes of people swarming around to enrol with the carrot of getting … da da… an ID card which entitles the bearer to public services. A more detailed post by me on this is here on the FCO blog.

Gossipy aside: Konnie got repeatedly stopped in the street in Sylhet during the half hour we looked around the shops there by people recognising her from Blue Peter and then again at Sylhet airport.

As for talking about “back to…”, this report here says that teachers want a return back to the 80s which are being harked as a golden age because there was no such thing as phonics. There might have been some decent music around but politically the decade when greed was good surely sucked.