Meant to do a post this time last week on the BBC’s “white” season which was launched with a Newsnight Nick Griffin interview (see Pickled Politics) and lo and behold it’s ending tonight. Where does the time go? The season has attracted critics including the SWP who reckon it’s quasi BNP propaganda. I’ve not caught that much of it but find it a curious idea to have a season about the indigenous “majority” and paint them as under threat somehow. I hope to tune in to tonight’s installment which is a profile of Barking. I used to know the area reasonably well having done an empirical chunk of my PhD there on “Barking youth” while I was based at UEL’s Cultural studies department which was there at the time (University East of London anyone?).

Talking of which there is an anti BNP day of action in Dagenham tommorow (same London borough). The associated Hope Not Hate website is here. More details of anti-racist activity on all over London this weekend can be found here with Barking and Dagenham at the top.