More thoughts in the aftermath of Saturday’s Unite Against Fascist meeting.

This is a grim year of anniversaries for the anti-racist struggle. It is 30 years since the 1978 battle of Lewisham stand-off between the then National Front and anti-racist protesters that gave rise to the first Anti-Nazi League carnival of that year in East London’s Victoria Park. People with memories stretching further back will note that it was in 1968 that Enoch Powell uttered the shameful ‘rivers of blood’ that got him exiled from mainstream politics and sealed his reputation as the nation’s best known racist politician.

Regarding more recent history, next month will mark the 15th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder by a racist gang who to this day remain free – despite the best efforts of the unlikely ally of the Daily Mail.

Anti-racism today is just as relevant as in any of these earlier eras. But we need to go further than simply having the ‘right’, ie correct, groups on our Facebook profiles and make sure that we keep the pressure on the fascists and drive them from county hall and the town halls in which they have a presence, which the documentation in the accompanying conference pack demonstrated is an alarmingly high number across the country.

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