Drummers. They’re always the slightly ker-ay-zee ones in the group aren’t they? Ringo said he wore so many rings because he couldn’t fit them up his nose, Keith Moon was a self-confessed loon, Stuart Copeland pulled those wacky throwing-his-sticks-aloft stunts in Police vids and now Dave, the one who pounds the skins in Blur has been selected as Labour prospective parliamentary candidate in Westminster. He could be the PM’s MP amongst other things. I know Dave Rowntree as he’s on the editorial board of Labour Home with me. He’s a top bloke; thoughtful with sound politics who’s these days tea-total and training to be a barrister. Although the seat is traditionally seen as safe Tory 1997 showed us that there is no such thing as a safe seat in modern politics and the fame factor may count with the youth vote. Weirder things have happened. Parliament needs to reflect diversity. Who knows? We could get the first honourable member to have done Top of the Pops the same week as Oasis out of it.