Sunny has some pictures up of the Save Southall Black sisters protest last night here. It was my first demo in ages and my three year old added his voice to the chanting (including “Jason Stacey – come on out” which sounded like some gay issue but there you go). Spotted as well as Mr Hundal: Ranjit Dheer (Labour GLA candidate for Ealing and Hillingdon), Yvonne Johnson Labour PPC for Ealing Acton in the ill-fated 1992 General Election and my ward councillor Phil Taylor (Con, Northfield) shuffling into the meeting. They only let 80 into the meeting so I didn’t make it but weirdly I did literally bump into coun Stacey on the way out of the building earlier that afternoon. I tried to raise the subject but he said nothing had been decided at that point.