What a shame, if it is indeed true, that David Cameron politely declined his invite to last night’s Brit Awards ceremony. I imagine he was fearing a Chumbawamba meets John Prescott moment, or for those with longer memories, a possible twentyfirst century re-run of Norman Tebbit (then industry secretary) being booed off. It worked wonders for Blair in 1996 though. This US commentator says  In the mushy discourse of charisma, the Tony Blair of the mid 1990s had given many young Britons the greatest reason for hope. Part of this was due to the well-manicured ties Blair and his made-over New Labour camp kept with the nation’s most credible pop stars.

Instead last night was pretty dull. Paul McCartney did not dedicate his lifetime achievement award to Linda, as had been rumoured, or denounce private schools (see post below with Molesworth-like title). The pantomime dame that is Amy Winehouse did not self combust in her two goes at the mic. She did her best to prove that she is a woman of substance (when she is mostly known as a woman of substances) but her comment bigging up her husband was largely drowned out in the general cacophonous mellee.

It’s a shame Dave, as a well known pop fan and Smiths admirer was not there (I’ll not use the phrase “bottled it” as it’s so unbecoming). We can only speculate how the awards might have had that missing wow factor if he was. 

PS How do you manicure a tie?