Got an invite to a Facebook group, from an MP no less, sometime last year called “Irritated by the Mindless Love of Barack Obama” which inexplicably had a pic of Andy Burnham next to the message. I ignored this piece of out-and-out negative campaigning at the time and now note the honourable member in question is no longer part of it. As Barack Hussein O edges closer to the Democrat nomination unsurprisingly people are leaving in droves. The bumpf is pasted below.

Meanwhile Burnham as first among equals is not that unlikely – particularly now that he has a seat at the cabinet table, although he doesn’t seem to have won over everyone with his recent Question Time appearance – not Paul Linford or Spoof Akehurst anyway.

Irritated By the Mindless Liberal Love of Barack Obama
For all those who are irritated by the way young liberals all over the non-US world have seized upon Barack Obama, about whom they know almost nothing, as some kind of weird political love object.Not that there’s anything wrong with him. I’m sure he’s a great guy, a sound senator and will serve Mrs Clinton and the US nation admirably as Vice President.But the whole British Leftie Barack love up is an irritating affectation.Why make such a big deal about Barack Obama, in a way that you’d cringe to imagine yourself doing about Andy Burnham (who’s got more chance of being the next Prime Minster than Barack has of being the next President)?