This week has seen a fair few negatively presented Muslim flavoured news generalisations in the usual way that one has become accustomed to. Abu Hamza to face extradition, sentences handed out to 21/7 bungling bombers and to round it off Phil Woolas raising “the elephant in room” issue of marriage to first cousins that continues in some Pakistani families on the cover of the Sunday Times. The unfortunate headline is “Minister warns of ‘inbred’ Muslims,” when there is a genuine debate being aired here.

In the meantime the Archbishop of Canterbury, who also thought he was raising a subject for debate, is facing resignation after his much remarked on remarks from his lecture on Thursday. Blanket media coverage of the reactions reminds me of when Diana died or 9/11. There seems to have been nothing else in the news for ages. A commenter to this blog asked why I’d not posted on this. I’m penning a column (900 worder) for  Tribune as we speak which covers the matter amongst other things. It’ll be out on Friday. Subscription details are here.