Interesting fact from the press coverage (yesterday’s Mirror, Guardian pull-out at the weekend etc etc) commemorating the 1958 Man United Munich air crash tragedy: of the young casualties the furtherest away from Old Trafford any of the players originated was Barnsley. Now there is this proposal that the number of foreigners playing for British clubs should be limited. Seems the debate has been aired before a few times. I can’t see this being a hugely popular issue in the country. Perhaps it’s all in keeping with the fact the UK never fully signed up to the Schengen agreement.

In the meantime incidental fact: I am viva-ing a doctorate on Asian women in football inspired by Bend it Like Beckham this week. I’m supposed to be the scary external examiner. Any penetrating questions to pose welcome. As a science PhD student pal once said “You spend three years staring up the arse of a fruitfly to call yourself a doctor”. Except this candidate is apparently in year 6.