Just had the new ish of the Progress mag plop on the doorstep which I can hereby certify as a right riveting read. The cover feature addresses the BNP attempted conquest of the London GLA top-up list in May’s forthcoming elections. It’s a not very often fact but as Searchlight’s Nick Lowles points out they polled 4.8% last time only narrowly missing an assembly member. As someone examining the suburbs of late I found it interesting to note that they are concentrating their fire on outer-London. The example of Barking and Dagenham is already well-known (borough next door to Newham where the Olympics was won on a multi-culti ticket and the BNP are the official opposition) they have also polled well lately in Sutton Hillingdon and Enfield. Havering, Redbridge and Epping Forest all have elected BNP representatives. In 2004 the right vote was split between the BNP and UKIP. This time they could be the beneficiary of UKIP’s implosion. This is a wake-up call to organise to stop this happening.

Elsewhere in Progress’ pages, Charles Clarke pens a thoughful piece which powerfuly argues that there is no such thing as the “inevitable” in politics. I always thought that some of his remarks on Brown were a gift to the Tories – almost guaranteed to appear on Tory posters but he puts a convincing case for Labour at the next general election, whenever it is.

Contrary to Grimmerupnorth‘s views on them, I reckon Progress is doing some really imaginative stuff right now. If you don’t subscribe to the print magazine there is always the redesigned website which includes, inter alia, an expansion on my thoughts on youth culture, Glastonbury and the ageing of pop here.