If you’d have heard that a British MEP had likened the German president of the European Parliament to Hitler for supposedly assuming absolute power, chances are you’d reckon on the purveyor of this tasteless and invalid parallel being some lunatic fringe person like a UKIP member or that law unto himself Robert Kilroy-Silk ex-Labour, ex-UKIP, how many times can a leopard change his spots? However the “maverick” (ie nutter) who came up with the line was actually Conservative MEP for the South East Daniel Hannan. He has been thrown out of the European People’s Party grouping for his absurdity. It’s one thing to have an eye for a soundbite but this demonstrates a serious lack of judgement.

Cameron’s had a week of embarrassments inflicted by Westminster MPs. As well as Conway who made Haingate pale into comparison with his fingers in the public till in a gross nepotistic fashion, as Parbury identified cheekily there was one other MP who attracted lurid headlines, accused of assaulting his own kids. Now a Tory European representatative seems hellbent on embarassing the leadership too. As Luke Akehurst points out the party were on the slide in the polls before all these new woes. The tide appears to be turning.