Despite the notion of “New Britain” as a “young country”, New Labour has aways been firm on age-discrimination. Now in a move which makes the pop festival look like a share option in a 1980s privatised utility, Glastonbury has opened a website for potential punters to register their interest. Founder farmer¬†Micheal Eavis, a sprightly 72 year old, is hoping that 50 per cent of the lucky ticket winners (sounds like a Willy Wonka adventure) will be under 25. He says here “We’re trying to get youngsters to the festival this year. I’d like to see at least half the people under 25. I’m trying to address the balance otherwise the festival will die out with the older people.”

Surely youth culture is migrating further up the age-scale as a demographic inevitability. Hell rock’n’roll has been with us since at least the fifties now so people following it are sometimes in their fifties. Eavis had better check out this guidance from the clunkily titled quango dealing with it as well as race and gender and disability here.

In any case I guess the days of jumping through a hole in the fence are long-gone.