Was hammering out a sentence for something I’m writing in a work capacity on how the central message of left politics has had to shift from the politics of redistribution to take account of the politics of difference/ recognition… of minorities, women, gays etc when I saw this. Edwards is calling it a day. It seems an age ago that he beat Hilary Clinton into third place in the first primary. I know Kit was recently bemoaning the way all Democrats are far to the right of the left here and Labour comrades have no business sticking their beaks in but Edwards was the only real lefty in the race (redistributionist) and now we’re left to the two politics of difference candidates. Edwards can cast his magic over either one in a kingmaker stylee. Meanwhile on the other side (Republican race) there’s an identical story here. Poor Rudy will forever be a textbook example of how not to do it. Anyway as the only person I can think of left in the British Isles who’s never been to the US of A, not sure how qualified I am to comment so I will stop there.