Whether it was Guido Fawkes or Paul Burgin wot did it (as Recess Monkey claims), Peter Hain is gone. The focus now should be on the new faces rather than picking over the bones of old news. Although the Spectator blog hints that it’s a coming of age of the youff wing and the BBC calls them “the young ones” (haw haw), they are not only all good choices but a lot of the reshuffled have been around a long time. Purnell (who has his Facebook friends analysed here) worked on the 1992 election campaign and Yvette Cooper has been an MP for as long as lots of the so-called big beasts and now retired ministers like Charles Clarke and Particia Hewitt. Why is it only in politics does being aged around the 40 mark get you described as “young”?

In the meantime pictures here of Ed Balls , Andy Burnham and David Miliband (all backroom boys in New Labour’s year zero of 1997) show how the three of them have discovered contact lenses since those halcyon days.