As Guido points out and as trailed by the Independent earlier this week Konnie (aka Huq minor) bows out of Blue Peter today after 10 years at the helm. Blair wanted to emulate Thatcher for longevity. For Kon overtaking Valerie Singleton’s tenure shaped her exit strategy. Here on the bbc site she says she’s looking forward to lie-ins and the prospect of doing a Gordon Ramsey (in his choice of expletives rather than his cooking from what I can gather).

Ommitted from the broadcast version of her supposedly obsequious Blair interview aired just after the man said he’d be walking the plank for Brown is this question where she teasingly puts the question to the then PM of whether departure is the only way forward after 10 years in the job. 

Both stamped their mark on number 10 and the Blue Peter garden respectively. Life will never be the same again in either place.