The Independent reports that the PM is possibly the only man in the country without a lookalike and that open auditions are to be held to plug this gap. Surely the answer is Morrissey of course ie David Morrissey who did a great brooding Heathcliffesque portrayal in the Deal (2003).  In the 05 General Election in which I stood the Daily Mail tried to out Labour candidates pictured with Blair in their election addresses (implication being that he was a liability), Ealing Central PPC Bhassam Mafouz has two pictures with Brown on his latest leaflet including a curious papier mache one on the back (click on “download latest newsletter”) reminiscent of Spitting Image

Open casting sessions will be held in conjunction with Esquire magazine at the Malmaison Glasgow Hotel on 18 January, and the Metropolitan Hotel on Old Park Lane in London on 21 January. Be there or be somewhere else.