Jeremy Clarkson of the Smashy and Nicey style of delivery on his motoring shows has had £500 exit from his bank account after he published his bank details in his Sun column to prove that the people who’s data was on the HMRC discs were in a tizz about nothing. Although the Welsh did not fall for it some wag put up a petition on the number 10 website to make him PM and signatures were so numerous (37,000+) that the other Murdoch daily the Times printed out his manifesto. Phew! Surely this proves this “being in charge” malarkey would be more difficult than it looks Jezza.

UPDATE: Ok I know it looks like I nicked this from Will Parbury who had it up yesterday but I somehow wrote it and saved it without hitting “publish” on Monday (when there were only 37,000 signatories). Reactivated the post this mornin’. So I won’t hat-tip exactly, instead I’ll declare that great minds think alike.