Was sent this from as colleague in Oxford. Some mums there are up in arms with a primary school’s decision to serve halal meat only. There are loads of comments up. They are divided between the usual “political correctness gone mad” brigade and those who see these protests as just an excuse for covert racism – I tend towards the latter. Presumably these parents don’t complain in Indian restuarants where halal meat served? It can be argued that halal and kosher slaughter of animals – a simple slit to the throat by knife is more humane than a long-lingering death by stun gun. Both McDonalds in Southall and Subway sandwich bar on Kingston University campus only serve halal meat as (i) there is a demand from customers and (ii) people of other religions or none are not forbidden from eating it. But then it’s all meat. If these mothers are that bothered they could make their kids go veggie becuase as the wise man Morrissey said “Meat is Murder“.