Been tagged by Paul Burgin of the fab Mars Hill blog to come up with 8 wishes for 08 so here they are:

1. To see the BNP and Respect to continue their implosion to the point of oblivion/ total wipe-out

2. To see a Democrat in the White House (preferably Obama but either one will do to be honest)

3. That Ken Livingstone wipes the floor with Boris and Paddick with poor results for both their parties in London

4. Peaceful politics follow after caretaker limbo in both Pakistan and Bangladesh (the latter is all but forgotten but equally valid)

5. That all my students get 2:1s or above

6. That I get a move-one with my new book and deliver the manuscript to the publisher on time.

7. That all my friends (you know who are are) flourish and prosper, ditto moi I guess

8. That we can finally do away with nocturnal nappies for Rafi (my three year old)

There we go: a mix of personal and political.  I notice Will Parbury was also tagged and has offered his 8 (which I am in agreement with) and that the originator of all this was Paul Linford who used a groovy metaphor for Brown saying he “funked an election”. If there was a 9th wish granted I would say “Let there be funk all year round” but there isn’t so I’ll leave it there.