Comment is free…. if you have a computer and internet access. Whether they mean “free” as in “liberty” or “no charge”, the Guardian’s CiF site has since its launch been the Rolls Royce of collaborative blogs and a post of mine on Benazir Bhutto and Asian women in politics in both blighty and the subcontinent is up here. Feel free to add your tuppence worth but be quick as I think they are only allowed for 48 hours before the thread closes (or something).

I have just put the following up:

I accept too that “Asian” is a problematic term. When I’ve done talks abroad on “Asian youth” on the academic and Euro-policy circuit often a big chunk of the 15 min slot they give you is taken up with explaining what “Asians” we are talking about. It is wide (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka/Nepal have big differences in history, language, religion yadda yadda) as well as narrow (a whole continent reduced to “ex British India”). Also talking of Euro-circuit, in 2003 I went with a Council of Europe delegation to the Norweigan Parliament. We met various parliamentarians and spoke via an interpreter to an Oslo Pakistani woman MP who was shocked that there was yet to be an equivalent in the UK which is the more “natural” colonial-ties bedfellow.