… was a quip from Oscar Wilde. I will resist the cheap gag of saying that youth today just want to be wasted to make another point.

I thought it odd that Nick Clegg was appointing the 59 year old ex-prog rocker Brian Eno as youth advisor but now, as Omar points out, their energetic 27 year old youth spokesperson has been dumped for a 56 year old. The move has been criticised by leading Lib Dem bloggers. All this from a party who had a leadership contest because it was “time to pass on the knife to a younger generation” (Charles Kennedy’s words, not mine). I know politicians are constantly slated for being out of touch but it often seems to be the case that young fogeys are the youthful of UK politics – remember how odd the baseball cap looked on William Hague? On a Newsnight piece on the Pogues’ censorship by the BBC the day Clegg was elected leader, Paxo couldn’t resist slipping in that when Clegg was asked his opinion on it all he said he’d never heard of the song.