Seems a bit obvious to use the headline “Bigmouth Strikes Again” but Morrissey has been on the cover of the NME with the words “The gates of England are flooded. The country’s been thrown away”. It’s not available for download at (I can’t find it anyway) but it seems to be featured heavily here and even in the Sun who have lifted it as they do. Can’t find a link to the latter but this mock-up of Moz from them in Eurovision mode made me smile.

Yawn, yawn. I used to really be into the Smiths but his flirting with racist sentiment has always put me off Morrissey solo dating back from the Viva Hate album track “Bengali in platforms” where the lyric invites the addressee to “shelve your western plans, life is tough enough when you belong here”. Perhaps Smiths fan David Cameron, who’s also tended towards soft racism in recent months, will be offering him an advisory role if not Tory nomination for a safe seat where a Bufton Tufton is stepping down? Morrissey has been dogged by these accusations for years and has continually refused to state a clearly anti-racist position for not wanting to be boxed into a corner. Now this is going to add fuel to the fire of the “is he/isn’t he?” row. His comments are badly-timed given the current political climate – perhaps having now left these shores he is deomnstrating just how out of touch he’s become. To think that the Smiths once did Red Wedge and miners’ benefits and the good relations between the NME and the man used to get it nicknamed the New Morrissey Express.

Have yet to read the actual hard copy but at least this is one immigration row where the Labour government can’t be accused of incompetency. In the meantime I note that one of my colleagues at the Kingston Hill campus is doing a staff-wide collection of CDs for this year’s Gordon Brown endorsed Blue Peter appeal. Is this where the data of the 25 million people (including mine) has got to? Konnie should be keeping an eye out.