Interesting to hear the Today Programme refer to recently arrested Imran Khan (leader of an opposition party in Pakistan) as someone who would be politically insignificant were it not for the fact he were a Pakistani cricketing hero (I paraphrase). His glamorous ex-missus Jemima has also lent a hand to the campaign to end the ugly marshall law there and reinstitute free and fair elections – much more useful cause than the narrow anti-EU path her late father Sir Jimmy trod.

Overseas fairly big celebrities seem to enter politics. Amitabh Bachchan  the greatest (in terms of magnitude) film star on the planet crossed over from Bollywood to being an MP in India. There’s obviously Arnie and Clint Eastwood of California and Carmel across the pond but here the best we can muster is Gyles Brandreth or Michael Cashman the bloke who was once in EastEnders who became an MEP. Worse still are the washed up politicos who feel the afterlife need to turn to celebdom like M.Portillo, Edwina Currie and the person Sir James Goldsmith ended up slaying David Mellor. Get orf the stage I say.

Mind you when asked if he was going to enter a life of public service young pup Bollywood actor Sharrukh Khan reckoned he wasn’t ugly enough. There are more snakes than ladders in the game of turning politician as the China Daily reminds us here