Managed to pick up a copy of the Beeb’s in-house classified ads and general internal staff stuff rag Ariel yesterday. The gossip column Green Room picks up up a story Chris Paul has been running and declares itself to be “bemused” by the finding on Conservativehome that BBC staffers with profiles on Facebook are elleven times more likely to be “liberal” than “conservative”. The piece concludes:

Green room, who is coming out right now as a Facebook libertarian, wonders whether anyone from also counted up the number of people who ticked ‘apathetic’ or ‘moderate’…


Over on the letters page one wag writes in:

I am worried that I have not recieved my ‘Free Alan Johnston’ as advertised earlier in the year. Is there a supply problem?

I seem to remember a near-identical epistle in Smash Hits circa 1984 when Special AKA were top 10 with “Free Nelson Mandela”. Good to see recycling in action.

Incidentally my trip to Television Centre was to appear on Question Time Extra – the Any Answers style continuation of the “real” QT on News 24, following in the footsteps of Iain Dale and Alex Hilton. Catch it here for one week only.