I’ve heard of viewers overseas tuning into the BBC Parliament Channel as entertainment and I have to say Wednesday’s PMQs was a spectacle for sure but rather uncomfortable viewing. Bullingdon Eton bully boy Cameron showed himself to be a particularly nasty piece of work. To resort to insults (the word “phoney”) is poor.  Name-calling is for people who aren’t intelligent enough to think of real arguments. There is going to be no imminent election. He should get over it.

In the meantime I was asked to explain the election that wasn’t in around 300 words earlier this week to a martian. It is on Will Parbury’s redesigned site now on WordPress here. New Romantic style Spandau Ballet-esque picture of Dave and toff pals no, doubt telling each other how they were born to rule, from the 80s just for fun here where a young Boris Johnson can be spotted.