Was speaking at this gig on Saturday at SOAS (worthy of a post in its own right) and happened across Jeremy Corbyn unchaining his bike and donning a helmet outside ULU on my way back. He seemed in good spirits and was off to some worthy event in Newington Green. We had a mutual moan with the PM’s recent visitor for tea and the no-contest leadership contest earlier this Summer featuring in the conversation. JC passed me a flyer for a play on the 1926 General Strike that he is involved in somehow. It’s a freebie supported by the National Lottery but the catch is the audience becomes the rabble in a participatory way. A bucket is passed round for donations at the end. I’ve seen this bucket thang twice before outside the context of alternative theatre – (i) when I used to frequent the illegal free-party rave scene around the M25 (purely for research purposes obviously) and (ii) when I saw the odious George Galloway spout a load of self-publicity in vehement indignation shortly after after being chucked out of the Labour Party at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester (pre-Respect; it was supposed to be a meeting on post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq. Our hard-earned cash was supposed to be for GG’s legal defence fund – it would have been more apt to puke into the aforementioned pail frankly).

The play, put on by a company called “New Factory of the Eccentric Actor”, is called “General Strike 1926” and on at Conway Hall Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. In the meantime seeing as Will Parbury was nearly run over by a helmetless Boris Johnson in the same spot not so long ago it seems Senate-house-land is the place to be if you go for that kinda thing. University of Sticksville at Suburbiton cannot compete (although it has its charms) for celeb-spotting.

Incidentally did anyone notice Konnie getting in a postmodern reference to her recent troubles on her Sunday AM papers review the other day? One of her chosen stories was the launch of Boris Johnson’s mayoral campaign. Quoth she “It’s good news for cyclists anywhere”. Haw haw.