Like the late Roy Castle my extra-curricular life has often taken me to some smoky places in my time although I’ve always been against smoking myself. Was asked to do a spot on the decks yesterday at Old Blue Last off Old Street last night. Since the arrival of the happy bundle of fun that is my now three year old, nocturnal soirees of this nature have been on hold so it was in some ways my comeback gig. Whilst sorting out my records I was forward-planning for the de-fumigation of my barnet the next day. My (thick is an understatement) hair has always trapped in smoke but of course I’d forgotten that the venue is now a smoke-free zone. Result: a more pleasant experience all round with no passive smoking at all by my lungs or hair for that matter. Shame that this couldn’t save record-breaking Roy but a good move. What was once controversial has already passed into received prthodoxy and the Sun reports (21/8/07) “Cig Sales down by 7%” since the ban’s introduction.

Also on the bill of this eclectic night were various electro-acts including Little Paper Squares and the quite remarkable Dynasty Handbag – performance poet one-woman-show set to synth pop noodlings. Best of all I got to meet two old Manchester chums – my ex-DJ partner DJ Zero and his pal Jon that I hasn’t seen for… oooh ages. The impetus for this reunion? Why Facebook of course. Roll on the next one.