Papers full of anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death yesterday (old lovers appearing out of the woodwork and the like) but to me the sad rock passing of the weekend was that of Manc motormouth Tony Wilson.

I only met him the once briefly during the In the City Manchester music convention of 1994 or thereabouts. It was cool that he made all the London pop-erati decamp and descend on Manchester’s Oxford/Wilmslow Road for the event. My kid sis (or sorry should that be “our kid”?) worked with him though and said he was a lovely guy. He also did some good work later with the yes to the north west referrendum people who wanted self determination. A true loss to his adopted hometown Manchester, to Salford, city of his birth and to youth culture everywhere.

As for the so-called king, in the words of the Wonderstuff I have to say I “never loved Elvis” – Presley that is, I was admittedly a bit partial to some Costello albums in my time. Dunno why, maybe I was just born too late.

PS: Self indulgent addendum: my favourite Factory track is A Certain Ratio’s “Shack Up”, hasn’t dated a bit