Just over a week to go till polling day in the Ealing Southall by-election and as the late Harold Wilson put it a week really is a long time in politics. This time last week Labour’s candidate had not been named yet. Insiders were saying that Gurcharan Singh – at the time longstanding Labour councillor who felt robbed/wronged for not making the shortlist – had given his word that he would not be standing as an independent.  A week on and we know why. As widely  reported  elsewhere, he and some cohorts have decided to do a Quentin Davies in reverse and become Tories – with all sorts of spin-off stuff swirling around. I wonder if he knew when lurking around just a week ago at the all-day polling for candidate selection in Southall last week – implicitly conferring proceedings with his blessing. Perhaps we will never know… 

Well, I reckon we should get over it and concentrate on campaigning for our man rather than getting all introspective. I was out leafleting on the trees estate off Popes Lane W5 on Sunday where people from all over including Fiona MacTaggart and Siobhain McDonagh were at it and then out again with ward colleagues at Northfields Tube yesterday to target commuters.

I’ve now got my polling card. With 12 candidates on offer, I’m pleased to say that the far right who used to symbolically stand in the constituency have not bothered. It’ll be an interesting result but lots to do before the big day so we shouldn’t get deflected by gossip. If I think of someone like my mum or dad as average voters (ok ok I know you shouldn’t generalise but hear me out…) neither of ’em knows how to use a mouse let alone hangs on to every word spewing out of the blogosphere.