Neil Kinnock invented this verb when he was being, in his opinion, more than just grilled by the Today Programme’s Jim Naughtie back in the 80s. I was reminded of it when in Southall yesterday. I know the area pretty well: my first ever job was stamping books at Southall Library on Saturdays and I later did various bits of research there for Ealing council and a publication of my own for an edited volume. Anyway noticed yesterday that by-election posters have started going up and we seem to be a bit slow with ours as people on some of the Tory blog-sites have remarked. 

Southall’s always been an idio-syncratic place and I suspect that many establishments will put up a poster for whoever asks. I spotted one kebab place sporting not one but 3 election posters in its window for the LibDems, Tony Lit (late Tory party convert) *and* Respect. Surely a recipe for disaster – that needs urgently redressing with ours; which we can hopefuly get around now we have the last bit of the jigsaw.   

You’ll know by now that Cllr Vivendra Sharma has been selected as the Labour candidate in the fothcoming by-election. He’s a good bloke and been around for years. I first came across him due to his post as Labour Party Ethnic Minorities Officer under Kinnock. Perhaps it was he who tauught the Welsh one the verb “to kebab”? Anyway with just 2 weeks to go it’s every party member’s job to ensure that Labour gets a thumpingly victorious result on the 19th and that the others will get a proper kebbabing.

Campaign details are here. There’s also an inevtiable Facebook site.