…People will longish memories will remember that that was the phrase applied to Kinnock and Hattersley when they triumphed in the Labour leadership as it described a balancing act of right-wing cerebral plus firebrand lefty. Private Eye later pilloried the dashing duo in a strip called “Dan Dire: Pilot of the Future?” where our hero’s sidekick was the bumbling Fattersley – if my memory serves me right.

Anyway, I have to say the pictures of Harriet “frugal with the handbags” Harman and “Flash” (?) Gordon Brown did have a kinda pleasing sort of symmetry about them. SomeLabour bloggers are saying that they and none of their pals voted for her. Well after lots of deliberation I actually put her first in the end (Benn 2, Cruddas 3). Party because of that old Radio 2-Radio 4 argument and partly becuase of the postive reaction she got in my old stomping ground Chesham and Amersham when she came and spoke; stressing that the Labour government shouldn’t forget people who live in non-Labour areas. The last celebrity speaker they’d had was the late Tony Banks who came down to support me as a chum.

Meanwhile if you can be bothered to look at the gubbins in this hilarious post there’s a prophetic link to something called Brown and Harman cabinet-makers. It’s a furniture-making outfit in East Sussex. Quelle coincidence, non? Wonder what Private Eye will make of the newly crowned dynamic twosome…