Everyone’s been at it, blogging about the Newsnight Deputy Leadership show special from Luke to grimupnorth. A throwaway (?) remark by Harriet Harman about it being despicable to spend £10k on a handbag when child poverty persists has resulted in a furore between Harman and Hazel Blears making claims and counter-claims on how much they spend on things.

 I always thought that Thatcher had introduced the concept of handbagging into the English language but even Tessa Jowell is being dragged into it with her white little number implicated in today’s Standard.

Talking of which you might have missed my letter from a little while back on ethical handbags in the same rag so here it is again for your delectation:

READERS’ VIEWS, 22 MARCHYour report on the latest Anya Hindmarch fashion accessory makes out the canvas bags to be the kind of thing that might once have featured in the Innovations catalogue. In Bangladesh, bags made of hessian and jute are par for the course as the government has banned plastics for being non-sustainable; perhaps the newly “greened” David Cameron and Gordon Brown could adopt such an idea?

Dr Rupa Huq, Kingston University.

It’s great that there are 2 women in the race but I still think politically all 6 candidates are pretty similar politically – at least they were before all this. The obvious (if maybe a little glib) thing to say is wot about some proper politics?