Nostalgia seems to have been uppermost in my indulgences of late. I was totally glued to the 97 election re-run last bank holiday (I’m not the only one judging from Chris Paul’s blog ditto Tom Watson) and now there’s the Guardian Saturday supplement with a Rubic’s cube on the cover for this one. Having a weekend surf down memory lane (as you do) I stumbled on this – still the best party political broadcast ever – the Chariots of Kinnock broadcast in which the Welsh one is not at all windbaggy in an interview with no-one in particular, bigging up Glenys and hammering Militant. The speech in which el Kinnochio talks about his cola-mining forebears was later plaigiarised almost verbatim by Senator Joe Biden later of the Iraq Survey Group. Sadly no-one seems to have posted the vid enabling one to view the two side by side but it was a good speech to nick. Stirring stuff indeed. An approximation of the broadcast’s format by Blair in ’97 – where he jokes to his kid  later found drunk and incapable in Traflagar Square that “there’ll be lots more homework for you under David Blunkett – can be seen here complete with kitchen sink scenes that WebCameron clearly nicked.

As far as dumping celeb culture goes, this Fry and “House” Laurie starring PPB from the ’90s is a further oddity – reminiscent of their Alliance and Leicester/Sprockit and Sylvester ads. I personally think that in today’s soundbite instant gratification culture people just wouldn’t be doing with that type of plotline anymore and that coroporation tax is not a huge doorstep issue these days. For an example of a “we are the masters now” era example most striking is this one,warning people that a flutter on the Tories is not just a one-night stand but means jumping into bed with them for 5 years – equating exercising your mandate with bad sex. It’s scaremongering stuff in the same vein as the Sun’s 92 Nightmare on Kinnock Street although Labour have depersonalised the Conservatives in question. I still like the Puttnam ’87 one best even if we got the wrong result. Look closely and moustachioed Mandelson can be spotted right at the end foreshadowing the full on assault/advent of New Labour.

If I was quicker witted I’d haved paraphrased the Thatcher “lady’s not for turning” quote with “You Tube if you want to…” but I’m not blessed with sufficient comic genius to pull it off I’m afraid.