Wasn’t quick enough to blog the Progress/Fabian Deputy leadership hustings the other day due to broadband problems and reckoned that almost every man and his dog who were there probably would. You’ll have heard by now what happened. A really good meeting, lively and comradely all round. In this instant gratification 24-hour news culture that we inhabit it was an eternity ago – as was my last post!

Anyway I ended up at a Labour Friends of Bangladesh dinner last night where Gary Titley leader of the British Labour MEPs was speaking as well as listening. It’ll all feed into an EU project about Muslims in European nations. Listening excercises are in vogue recently. David Cameron’s tour of te nation whereby the toff meets “normal people” is just cringeworthy in the extreme.  Gordon B’s seems to be going well and his time between now and taking over is better spent out in the country than at the remaining Prime Ministerial engagements overseas that some have been clamouring for him to go to. One of the comments at yesterday night’s meeting was about Turkey and how they should be allowed to join the Christian club that is the EU. The country has some apalling human rights abuses which they have made progress on. How come they were in the Eurovision song contest though? Their criteria to me is far from transparent.