Turned on the goggle-box at about half four yesterday to see which of the left-wingers would be down on the ballot-paper to see no mention of anything remotely related – unless you count re-runs of packages depicting Blair’s ever increasing worrylines/ receding hairline over the last 10 years interspersed with whining ingrates bemoaning the man and or obsequious brown-nosers interviewed in the drizzle. Found myself oddly glued nonethess – as I was for the whole of the bank holiday to the 97 re-run (clearly I am not the only one). Watched this crazy circus more or less wall-to-wall (interupted by Scottish PQs) until hitting the “off” button after the last drop of the Politics Show in the wee hours, when Diane Abbot finally piped up on the subject as blogged by Chris P. Surely a challenge would be a good thing for Brown? It’d make him look more legit. In the meantime some are reading in the news that McDonnell is pressing for a lower number of signatorees for the Threshold that there aren’t 45 names around between ’em which would be a real shame… Personally I think competition can only be a good thing. Even Stephen Byers has gone on record as saying so.