Was out and about in Bow yesterday. Began the evening chatting with Labour Party members outside the Bow West Nomination meeting for the BGB selection process. Unison’s John Gray took this picture. Things seemed more civilised than the other day when a vociferous chap (ex member apparently) with a megaphone tried to drown everything out outside Bethnal Green North’s meeting insisting that the Labour party is “anti-democractic”. Then moved on to the swanky Ideas Centre to take tea with fellow candidates and await the result. An ideas store for the unitiatated is a twentyfirst century update of a library. Rather than being a forebodingly doomy place of dusty shelves groaning with classic tomes that makes you feel small, these are pleasant spaces to chill in; the one at Bow has computer terminals and a cafe. The news came through by text that I’d been nominated so went on to a celebratory fizzy water at the other end of the ward with members. Thankis to everyone from the branch for delivering a convincing vote for me. Big shout out to Jane, Judith, Sean, Sheila, Belle, Carol and Oona King who helped swing the nomination of 2 women and a man thereby imaginatively interpretting the Labour Party rulebook on this one.