I can’t believe the Grauniad was still going on about the so called “Blue Peter blunder” yesterday as was the Sunday Times the day before (I don’t read the Murdoch press normally but found the latter on a train, honest). All this a week after the story broke. Oddly enough last Thursday the tabloid front pages were full of it when what they should have been reporting was the record Labour rebellion over Trident. I’m with Neil Kinnock on this one – he told the Fabians the other day that the case for its recommissioing now has been not been proven. I know that to many Trident is just a type of chewing gum and, as the sort who spends my spare time knocking on doors, I can vouch that its renewal is not a patricular priority on the doorsteps – there are much better ways to spend the billions that it’ll cost. Nonetheless I still reckon that the future of the planet and the revolt in the ranks it sparked is more pertinent than the wrong kid getting the prize on Bloopers. Sorry to sound like a bonkers conspiracy theorist but was this a good day to bury bad news?