Was going to add my voice to the Big Brother Jade/Shilpa debate but then there’s been so many acres of column space and megabytes of gubbins spewed over the blogosphere on this one not to mention every Asian that’s ever been on the telly doing the rounds on the 24 hour news channels… that it’s maybe going a bit stale.

Tommorow’s papers will see the start of the charm offensive campaign by the most recently evicted member of the Goodys but most bizzare thing of all is for me the news reported in today’s Grauniad that Jackiey aka mummy Goody is a practicising Muslim who’s been observing Ramadan for the past nine years. The story, being put around by her publicist is here (scroll down about halfway, paragraph begins “In an intriguing twist…”)

She apparently prayed (or preformed namazz as is the correct terminology) in the house but the footage never got further than the cutting room floor. Her hard drinking and blashpheming type antics are not the type of thing one normally associates with Islam although maybe this could add a Muslim v Hindu dimension to the Shilpa emnity. Still I find it as baffling as the almost-Forest Gate style dawn arrest with no charge of Ruth Turner. 

Shurely shome mishtake?